How to Identify the Right Vacuum Cleaners For your Needs

09 Mar

Vacuum cleaners come in all manner of sizes and shapes and are designed for different spaces and different functionalities. You should thus expect commercial vacuum cleaner to be used for commercial purposes say at a large establishment. A handheld vacuum cleaner on the other hand would be ideal for small spaces that require little-to-no vacuuming on a daily basis. Being aware of the different types of vacuums and how they perform can help you make an informed decision on your purchase. If you are looking to reach those hard-to-access areas, you might want to look at handheld vacuum cleaners. As the name may suggest, they can easily be held and manipulated with one hand, hence are easy to maneuver their way into all areas that need cleaning, click here!

Handheld devices are quite versatile and have great suctioning abilities to suck up debris and dirt. Worth mentioning, however, is that they may not be your best bet when you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for general flooring cleaning as they will take forever to have the job done. The opposite of handheld vacuum cleaners would be their commercial counterparts or those that are designed to work on large spaces. Another category of vacuum cleaners worth looking at would be the bagged and their bagless counterparts. Bagged vacuum cleaners are an attractive option to people sensitive to allergens. If you are suffering from asthma or similar respiratory medical conditions, bagged vacuum would be the way to go. They have minimal to zero dust exposure when emptying the bag and the beauty of it all is the fact that most bags are designed to trap nearly 99.99% of all dust and pollen from your carpet. It is important to mention that the bags need replacement on a regular basis, which can easily be availed from local supermarkets. Know more about vacuum cleaners at

The bagless vacuums at on the other hand would be for that environmentally-conscious person who will prefer not to deal with bags replacement. They come with a see-through canister that provides the perfect peek of how the vacuum is performing to be able to know the right time to empty it out.  Each of the above mentioned types of vacuums would be available when you search online. Many renowned brands will have different vacuums to suit different needs. For example, Bissell vacuum cleaners are quite popular the world over for having a vacuum cleaner for different needs. The Bissell little green manual vacuum for example would be your perfect bet when looking to get rid of pet hair. Be sure to read online reviews of different models to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

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